Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Back to blogging!

As you can see I had used this blogsite as a journal for my long holiday last year but now I'll be using it to post other things on it, and also let you gus know what I'm currently up to as regards to my videography projects! I hope to update it soon!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Day 28

So today I didn't wake up so late, 10! :) First thing I did was leave all the photos in order on the computer, arranging the names and stuff. Still got a few more to put in but we don't have cd's here so Amy will post me a CD soon! Then I shaved - took me around 20 minutes to complete the task - packed and then we went to hit the streets of Edmonton for the last time. First we went to Mass in the Basilica of St Joseph (we went yesterday too but forgot to mention it), then Amy had to go have her hair but so Jimmy and I strolled through the streets and checked out the shops. Then Amy was done and we went to another mall! Bought some last things and that was it. Now we just got home and I packed the new additions. Tonight we should be going out for supper and then at 8.30pm I'm meant to be at the airport. 10.30pm I should fly, unless there's a delay. That's 6.30am your time so you'll be reading this tomorrow now. I'm meant to land in London at around 1pm Eng time then get my last plane to bring me home at 11pm. Lottsa time at the airport but I'd much rather wait on my accord than have to wait cos of a delay or someone screws up at the airport like what happened to Sarah! No chances there so! I'm almost hoping that I would be delayed by just a couple of hours so I wait less at the airport! Soon back home guys, I've missed you all. I land at 3am so if anyone still at Mc Donald's till the very end and you wanna surprise me at the airport - if you have the energy that is - I'd give y'all a hug! Love to all! xxx

Day 27

So today we went to West Edmonton Mall - the biggest Mall in the world and we just went around the shops. Obviously I didn't manage all of them for 2 reasons. 1. there are too many, 2. I didn't bother with the shops with women's clothes, accessories, make up, hair stuff, shoes, bags...the never ending list which will save the worlds economy had the reserviours of underground oil had to dry out! :) Didn't buy much though. Just a few things which I thought were a good deal. Now I hope I'm not too overweight and all those good deals will go down the drain with overweight charges. Or maybe I'll just give the check-in girl a nice shiny smile with a twinkle in my eye. Maybe she'll let me pass! :) Hon I still love you but ok =) Then went back home and had supper. By the way, woke up at 11 again today! :) Watched a coupla films again and eventually went to bed! Tomorrow last day!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Day 26

So today as you can guess I woke up at 11 and had something to eat. Then after that we all went to town as these 3 weeks there is a Fringe Theatre they call it. You get these people from all over the world and they set up shows and acts all over the place - street theatre insomma! It was quite entertaining and different at the same time. I got to eat an elephant ear too! Well at least that's what they're called. They're not ears, they're just flat doghnut pastry - obviously deep fried! I think it would be good to introduce in Malta, I think its a cool idea. Anyway, later on the weather started to chill a bit and we were tired of walking all over the place and some shows started to get boring so we just left and went back. Back at home we just watched another coupla' films but the girls went to watch a chick-flick-film - Becoming Jane. I had the sense not to go! Counting down now cos on Thursday I fly back. Its funny how I arrive on Saturday though! So now I can say SEE YOU SOON GUYS! Pupa if you haven't bought be enough presents from England I'll grab another plane and go away again ok! :) Nah! Love You ;) xxx

Day 25

So this morning being Sunday we went to mass. Then we went back home and ate lunch and then I started clearing up and packing my clothes. Then I laughed my head off reading the funny sections on readers digest. The best one of all was this:
- A woman in her 9th month of pregnancy was complainig that her pleas for sympathy were going unnoticed by her husband. At one point int time she tells him "In your next life I hope that you get pregnant!" To which he promptly answered "In YOUR next life I hope that you'll be married to someone who IS pregnant!!!" -
Oh I layghed hysterically at that! Anyway, when I could properly stand up cos I laughed enough to get cramps, we said ouor goodbyes and left to Edmonton! We got here in exactly 2hrs and settled in to sleep. On the way here we passed the airport which gave me mixed feelings cos I'm ready to come back home now but I'm having a real lot of fun and I'm waking up at 11am everday! :D

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Day 24

So today I got to do some handywork which was fun. First we went to this mega big DIY store called Home Depot and bought a truckload of stuff. Then we came home and started working on the floor. Cos M'Anne is renovating you see! Then we showered and went off to the cinema in Red Deer and we watched The Bourne Ultimatum! Rating from 1-5 star? 5! It was amazing! My style of film but it concluded so many mysteries from the other 2 films! I feel better that I've watched it. I found 2 mistakes though! :( Unfortunately I find myself without wanting to analyzing all shots and I feel like a wet blanket and I really don't like that. I feel like I'm one of those stupid critics who just have anything to say about anything. But these 2 mistakes were not in the filming from one take to another, they're more mistakes in the mechanics of the film so to say. Actually the filming was reallt good, and they paid special attention to chainging shots when opening doors! It was really really good. Yes I suggest you watch it too! :) Off to bed now. Goodnight! :)

Day 23

So today we woke up and had breakfast as usual and in the early afternoon we just lazed about. But then we went to this lake called Gull Lake - it was massive! Then we had smoky's for dinner or supper - i don't know which of the two. Smoky's are just very big sausages! And Jimmy called them by-pass sausages! Cos if you have too many of them you'll end up needing by-pass surgery! Then we got back home and we played this letter-card game called Quibbles - really cool game. That and a lot of drinks made the time fly by! :) Miss you guys a lot now. And you Scoqqish guys - I miss you too! Famous MC please send a special hug to Chris for me! :) :) hahahahahahaha

Friday, 17 August 2007

Day 22

So today I woke up late and had brunch not brerakfast becuase yesterday was a very late night and the mountain air got to me too. It tired me out - not used to living so high up! But anyway, we then went to a park nearby - 5 minutes walking distance and played in the water park. It was really cool. We were Amy's mum - M'Anne who took the role of the photographer - 5 of her grandchildren and myself! One of the kids was a boy - Stevn coincidentally! So we teamed up against the girls an dgave them quite a drenching. They fought back initially but they surrendered very ealry into the battle. Then we just went for a walk, took 2 of the kids home in Innisfail and drove the other 3 to their home in Red Deer. On the way back we went shopping to this mega big warehouse were we bought somethings and then met Amy and Jimmy - her boyfriend - back at home. Dinner was BBQ'd steak - Candian Beef! It tasted amazing! I never tated such a good steak in my life! Anyway then we played a board game and chatted till around midnight and went off to bed! Very relaxing and fun too! Today mark's my half way here in Canada too cos today week I start my journey back home. So see yousoon guys. Miss you all.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Day 21

Well today was another blast in this holiday. We woke up and Amy told me that it was time to go so what do I do, I sleep again! Hehe! Well I eventually fell outta bed considering I slept on the top bunk and we rushed out of the hostel. We then went to a grocer and bought a bagel and a pastry for breakfast and then then went to find the Kicking Horse River as right next to it there was the Glacier Rafting Company. Well we were quite early and so we just lazed about in the nice warm early morning sun. Then went back and started meeting the other people coming rafting too. Well we checked in and paid the full amount and then the guide explained to us a coupla things. Then we went and wore ourt wetsuits which didn't really do that much to keep us warm I should say, but I only learnt this eventually. We wore fleece sweaters and a splash jacket too so we get wet as little as possible. This is because, as they explained, the river was only 3*C as onlyu 15 hours earlier that water was ice! Anyway, we got a ride to the top of the river in one of those huge yellow school buses that we see only on tv and eventually got to the place. We then went on our first ride which kinda gives you a basic idea of rafting as a group and obeying commands of the guide and also a slight taster of what's coming in the next ride. So then we stopped for lunch - a big one two as they made us BBQ steaks annd a whole lot more. By now I learnt how really cold the water was! But it was lovely at the same time. Then we went on the second part of the trip and that was totally out of this world - proper rapid rafting at its best! Waves and holes and currents and rocks and wood dams ... the lots! Anyway, as they say all good things come to an end so the trip was over and we changed into our nice dry clothes and headed back to Innisfail! But we stopped over in Calgary and by the time we got home it was 2 am! So tomorrow sleepin'in!

Day 20

So today we left from Becky in Calgary and went to a town in the mountains called Canmore. We went round the shops for some time then we went to Radium were there were the Hot Water Springs. Well they're all developed and it look slike a big pool but its about 40*C. Real hot! Its almost too hot when you're going in but feels better in a second once in. And it is so relaxing at the same time. But we hiked a bit to get there cos we went to town at the bottom of the mountain and then we walked up to the springs. Then we ate after we were ready and had a delicious ice cream on the walk down. We got to the car and thenm drove off to Golden where we simply took a room in a hostel we were booked in. We paid and never saw the guy again. We could do what the hell we wanted, but luckily we got a room with bunks to ourselves cos the other guys were men and then looked kinda junkies and I wasn't really happy about the idea that I was gonna sleep in the same room with them - I thought I was gonna end up with a kidney missing or worse! I watched scary movie on TV and the other junkies joined me and we laughed a real lot but I still didn't wanna sleep in their room. We had a mouse somewhere running about our room too so Amy had company cos I didn't hear a thing that night but she kept waking up - also cos right outside our door was the common/living area and the guys put on a video at 3am - apparently! I slept like a baby! :) But on the way the mountains were beautiful - they got quite a funny name too - the Rockies, so I guess they're made out of rock, am I right?! :)